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Daido Shiko CO.,LTD

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Yasuteru Kawase
April 1, 1935
\23,000,000 ( in 2023)
Paseku CO.,LTD
Daido No-en CO.,LTD
Product planning and manufacturing of 
original promotional items and retail products 
CEO Yasuteru Kawase

Yasuteru Kawase

Message from CEO

Under the policy of in-house production from product proposal, planning, production through to shipping, all employees are working together to produce high quality and high value-added products,  and also try to provide services which make our customers happy and  contribute to society. We believe that the health of our employees is the source of our energy. Therefore we operate the company cafeteria “Daido Farm Cafeteria” where employees themselves are in charge of growing vegetables and cooking. They are working cheerfully while having fun.

Company philosophy

Earning money while having fun and contributing to society.

10 Action Guidelines for every employee

  1. Be thoughtful, notice, and be attentive
  2. Suggest and provide products and services which can only be done at Daido Shiko
  3. Act immediately, Make progress every day
  4. Clean, Organize, Keep things tidy, Have aesthetic senses
  5. Take good care of things, Get creative to eliminate waste
  6. Have pride as professional
  7. Let’s live a meaningful life and continue to grow
  8. Let’s get along with all employees
  9. Sustainable development of the company
  10. Be grateful to customers