Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does Daido Shiko actually do?

A1: Daido Shiko CO.,LTD is the Japanese leading company of printed plastic sheet products. We meet the needs of clients with one-stop-service (solutions) from the proposal, prepress, printing, processing through to delivery. ​We have developed many original goods with clients such as document files, poly crafts, cheering goods of sports teams, Antibacterial mask cases and other promotional sales items for companies.

Q2: Where are your products manufactured?

A2: All of our products have been produced at our main factory in Nagoya, Japan.

Q3: How are your products printed?

A3: By combining the advantages of offset printing and silk printing, including weather resistant (light-resistant) ink that does not fade even outdoors and offset printing that does not break even when molded. We also have the state of the art digital printing machines which is flexible and efficient for small lot orders.

Q4: What about data submission?

A4: When submitting data, we request that all images submitted are at 350dpi. Anything lower will look “fuzzy” when printed, and higher dpi photos usually aren’t necessary for printing. Please also double check the physical size of your file. A 2” x 2”digital photograph, even at 350dpi, can’t be blown up to five times the original size and still look good. If you decide to move forward with sampling or production, we’ll work with you to make sure that the images we receive will turn out beautifully.
Data can be submitted in the following formats: AI, JPG, PDF, EPS, PSD.
If you have a design team or an outside designer, we can also send you a template to create your own design.
We typically use either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to get data ready for printing.
If you color-matching to a pantone color, for example, is required, we request you send us a sample of the color chip we need to match.
If you need more detailed guidelines, please contact us at this form.

Q5: Do you sell “blank” products?

A5No, we don’t. All of our products have original designs according to customers’ requests.

Q6: I only want a few items. What are your minimums?

A6: Orders typically starts from 1000 pieces, though we can accept small lot orders, too.

Q7: I don’t use plastic, and I think plastic products are irresponsible. Why do you insist on using so much plastic?

A7: One of the great benefits of plastic is that it lasts longer than paper. Our plastic products, especially our document files, last much longer than similar paper products, like paper files. In that sense, our products allow you to reduce consumption, and reuse the same product for years. We agree with SDGs and try to do no littering and reducing disposables. We also recommend clients to use some eco-friendly materials, like biodegradable plastics and plastics made from recycled materials.

Q8:What is PP and PET? 

A:8 PP stands for Polypropylene and PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate.They are plastic sheets that we mainly use for our products.